Advanced Online Flight Scheduling, Reservation and Dispatch System


Wingman is a different type of aircraft reservation system. It has been designed specifically for flight schools to maximize aircraft and instructor time and increase overall utilization.


With Wingman, the user simply identifies what type of reservation they need (dual, solo, etc.), the preferred aircraft type, which instructor, and the time range they'd like the reservation. Wingman will check all available times and provide the user with the best available options.


Wingman schedules aircraft and instructor time separately, to maximize the usage of both resources. Pre-flight and post-flight time with an instructor are reserved separate from the aircraft time, to avoid tying up both resources unnecessarily.



In addition to scheduling aircraft, Wingman also schedules instructors and class rooms. 

An Instructor's schedule
A class room schedule

Some main features



Find the best times

As Wingman does the scheduling, it can determine the best available times for the pilot to choose from.


Notice that times may not be on the hour, or half hour. Staggering the times can even the work load for dispatchers as not all the flights are being dispatched at the same time.



Optimized reservation spacing

Wingman can automatically schedule spaces between reservations to allow for aircraft and instructor buffering.



Handling for special aircraft

Special aircraft usage, like renter-only aircraft can be defined and only appropriate pilots can have access to the reservation times.



Definable User Roles

User privileges and what they have access to are defined by User Roles. As many roles as needed can be created creating unlimited levels of access.



Definable Aircraft Types

Available number of aircraft per type can be defined. Actual aircraft registrations are not used. Special aircraft features, like IFR, ADS-B, or aerobatic can be defined.



Definable Reservation Types

As many different types of reservations types as needed can be definded. A type determines what a related reservation requires, like an Instructor or an Aircraft, and any restrictions and default times.



Interface with FleetCaptain

Wingman interfaces with FleetCaptain, a flight dispatching system, to compare booking times to actual flight times.


In the listing, blue rows are completed flights, green are active flights.



Work Times

Instructors schedules and work times are easily defined, including seasonal changes and special time on or off.



Other features
  • Unlimited users and aircraft
  • Importing reservations for bulk scheduling
  • Links to Google calendar
  • Email and text notifications & reminders
  • Definable work hours



  • Automatic calculation of sunset for night flights
  • Flexible standby reservations
  • Login notices to keep your users informed
  • Tendering system for instructors to easily reassign flights
  • Exporting to Excel
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Flight schools using Wingman
Brampton Flight Centre Spectrum Airways Regina Flying Club


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