Advanced Online Flight Scheduling, Reservation and Dispatch System


Wingman Dispatching


Wingman also handles aircraft dispatching.



Wingman tracks the status of each aircraft - which ones are available, which have been dispatched and which are in maintenance or offline. There is also a visual indication as to which aircraft should be arriving soon and which ones are overdue.


The entire dispatch process is done electronically, using a dispatch web page and a pilot's mobile device. See how the dispatch process works. 




Some main features


The maintenance status of easch aircraft is recorded and tracked. This helps ensure that an aircraft is not dispatched if it has any items due.


Maintenance Overview

There is also a maintenance overview page that shows which aircraft will need maintenance soon.


Daily Flight Record

A Daily Flight Record report is available, which fulfills the requirement for CARS 426.56



Extensive reports are available, such as various reports of total flight times.


Efficiency Report

As Wingman handles both the reserverations and the flights, there are reports that can compare reservation times to flight times. The efficiency report compares aircraft available time, reservation time and actual flight time.


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