Advanced Online Flight Scheduling, Reservation and Dispatch System


Dispatching Process


Dispatching an aircraft is paperless, it's all done online, electronically.



Dispatch Request

Using a QR Code, a pilot accesses a dispatch page with their mobile device. They then enter a code from their reservation to transfer information from the reservation to the dispatch request.



Pending Dispatch

After the request has been submitted, the request will appear on the dispatchers screen. The dispatcher can then select the request and quickly dispatch the flight.



Flight Dispatch

Dispatching the flight is very simple, as most of the information has already been entered by the piot. All the dispatcher has to do is select an appropriate aircraft.



Dispatch notification

After the flight is dispatched, a text message is sent to the pilot. The message contains a link, which they can use to view and accept the aircraft. Signing for the flight can be done on a mobile device.



Flight Check-In

After the flight is complete, the flight can be checked in, again using a mobile device. Times can easily be entered. Once the flight is checked in, the aircraft can be dispatched right away.